About US

Established in 2003 as a specialised division of International Oilfield Drilling Solutions (IODS), a leader in welding technology for over 30 years, IODS Pipe Clad focuses on the turn key supply of pipe and pipe related products with weld overlay cladding at their core.


The internal weld overlay cladding performed is an essential way to make sure pipelines remain productive. By their nature pipelines are exposed to increasingly harsh conditions eventually leading to corrosion or failure; our cladding services ensure pipes will have the best defence against such risks, extending their lifespan and ultimately reducing the whole of life costs for our clients.


With the latest welding technology equipment combined with a qualified and experienced team we ensure your projects are completed to meet both your quality standards and project deadlines.


Our round the clock service enhances our productive output whilst meeting exceptionally high standards and rigorous industry specifications.

We are able to perform intricate and complex internal weld overlay cladding on an extensive range of pipes and pipe related products as well as offering full turnkey supply of pipe fabrications.


From commonly used steel pipes to more complicated material requirements, our experienced and highly trained welders possess the capability of working with pipes of internal diameters from 97mm up to 3 meters in length and from 130mm diameter pipes up to 12 metres in length.

Working closely with some of the biggest international oil and gas companies, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, firmly establishing ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of welding services to this sector.